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About us

We’re about as Australian as you can get.  Our family has been in the Australian Sheepskin business for over 30 years.  Our industry roots date back even further, to 1796 when distant family ancestors, John and Elizabeth Macarthur, brought the first Merino sheep to Australia.  These ‘founding sheep’ were from a flock of Spanish Merino sheep reared in South Africa.


Ever since we produced the first Lambskin and Sheepskin coats some 30 odd years ago, all our products are made exclusively from the wool of Marino sheep descended from those Macarthur sheep. You could say this means the Sheepskin business is in our blood.


Why Marino sheep? Unlike other breeds that are used primarily as a food source, Merino sheep have thick, fine fleece that makes it highly coveted for spinning and weaving fine fabrics.


Over the years we’ve learned great deal; taking our original Lambskin and Sheepskin products from outdoor ‘digger’ coats to what you see on our website now. We’ve become e-Commerce and Social Media savvy as customer shopping methods changed.


But there is one thing that has never changed. Our dedication first, foremost, and always, to bringing you only the finest in 100% A-Grade Australian Clean and GreenLambskin and Sheepskin products. This is what we’ve always done. It is what we will always do.


All our products are handmade either in Australia or at our exclusive UGG factory in Fiji. Say what? Fiji? The Fijian economy needed new business development and we saw a social entrepreneurship opportunity to help a neighbor.


Our mission statement says it all.


It is our mission to make life more comfortable, more attuned with our environment,

more ecologically sustainable, and more enjoyable for people

with only the highest quality products provided by nature.”



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