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5 Reasons your Pet will Love a Sheepskin Bed

When looking for a bed for your pet it is often an overwhelming experience with countless brands, materials, shapes and sizes! Despite this, making the best choice for your pet it is hard to look past natural fibres. Sheepskin beds are made by harnessing the amazing fibre that has been protecting sheep against harsh, icy winds and sweltering heat for thousands of years. 

Pets love Sheepskin beds that not only give them a snuggly piece of luxury but also numerous health benefits

Building a comforting new home

Sheepskin beds are the perfect welcome home gift for a new addition as they find their place in your family. The Sheepskin provides a comforting, soft bed for young puppies that will offer a sense of security as they grow. Sheepskin beds are unique in their structure which contain tiny, spiralling, spring-like fibres that soothe and support your pet’s body. Your pet will love returning to a bed that cushions them after a day of play and adventure.

The Ultimate in Thermoregulation

Wool is unlike synthetic fibres due to it’s capability to “breathe” and provide air circulation, with a natural ability to help regulate your pet’s body temperature. This will keep your pet cool as they laze around in the summer months and toasty warm in the coldest of winters.

Perfect for allergy sufferers 

Scratching, itching, general restlessness and frustration can be all too common symptoms for pets who suffer from chronic allergies. Allergens such as mildew, bacteria and mould are common culprits for pets who suffer from this condition. Your pet will love being able to relax comfortably in a Sheepskin bed, that is naturally highly resistant to all of these nasties.

Support and comfort for aching bones

As a pet owner it can be so heartbreaking watching your pet in pain. Sheepskin provides comfort for pets suffering from aches and pains, whether it’s due to injury, arthritis or other ailments. Sheepskin eases discomfort, promotes blood flow, reduces the formation of ulcers, providing a soft, protective cushioning for skin. Naturally occurring oils have been proven to reduce inflammation and sensitivity of the skin. This makes it the perfect natural aid for pets of all ages, whether they are an older pet in their golden years or a young pet recovering from surgery.

Hygienic bed for your pet

Sheepskin contains lanolin, a natural oil that is known to support skin health and used in a range of human skin treatments. This substance is known to repel bacteria and dirt and will keep your pet’s bed hygienic and clean due to it’s natural, self-cleaning ability when hung in fresh air. Sheepskin is often used for pets with limited movement such as those who are recovering from surgery as it is able to draw moisture away from the surface, remaining dry and preventing further complications.

As pet owners we all want the very best for our pets, Sheepskin products give the unique gift of being able to choose a fibre that has been perfected by nature other thousands of years to provide the very best comfort and support our pets’ health.

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