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Kids Love Giving Mum UGG Slippers

When it is time to spoil mum, UGG Slippers made from authentic Australian Sheepskin, are a gift that kids just love to give. Kids get so much enjoyment out of giving gifts and they get a genuine thrill out of knowing that their gift is loved and appreciated. Everybody wants to spoil their mum, and the perfect way of spoiling her is with a gift of UGG Slippers. With UGG Slippers, you are giving the gift of something that provides a little bit of luxury along with endless comfort. Kids will also get a thrill out of the fact that as soon as mum puts on her UGG Slippers, she will never want to take them off!
Our genuine UGG Slippers are perfect for wearing both indoors and outdoors and are made from 100% A-Grade Australian Sheepskin. They are sturdy, yet ultra-light with sure-grip soles and are the perfect footwear for mum to wear around the house and the yard. Mum will be in her UGG Slippers so much, that kids will want a pair for themselves.
Kids can create their very own UGG Slippers just for mum
At Sheepskin Leather Factory Australia, we are a small family based company that lovingly makes UGGs from scratch, which is how they should be made. Unlike the larger companies who tend to stock pre-made boots with no room for customisation, at SLF you can add your individual signature to your very own pair of UGG creations.
What this means for kids when they are selecting a pair of UGG Slippers for mum, is that they will know that the UGG Slippers they are giving their mum, will be a one-off design, unlike anyone else’s. Kids can have fun putting mum’s signature and their own if they wish, on her personally designed slippers.
They could design a multi-coloured slipper or simply select mum’s favourite colour. They can add ribbons and buttons and different colour panels. They can finish the slipper off with different coloured seams and different coloured piping. At SLF, the kids can have fun with all these options, creating something extra special for mum. There is something very appealing to kids when they can be part of the design process creating something for mum that they know will be one of a kind.
A gift that will last & that mum will love
Another thing that kids love when giving mum UGG Slippers is that mum will be wearing their gift for a very long time. UGG Slippers are designed to be long-lasting and durable. They are handcrafted using their finest of genuine Australian Sheepskin available. First and foremost, UGG’s are about comfort which is why mum will love receiving UGG slippers as a gift. Mum will also love them because they are easy to care for and they look great. With a range of styles such as the slip on, women’s scuff and the original slipper they will be a wonderful addition to mum’s casual at home wardrobe.
UGG Slippers – the perfect gift for mums that kids just love to give.

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