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The Great Mother’s Day Australian Tradition UGG Slippers

We may celebrate Mother’s Day worldwide on different dates, but we all do it for the same reason. This day reminds us to express our gratitude to our mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, in some cases even our mothers-in-law and other maternal figures. And even though we should feel grateful and show our love and appreciation every day, on this day we go the extra mile.

Anna Jarvis or the “Mother of Mother’s Day” was the one lobbying for an official day to honour mothers in the US. Unfortunately, we did disappoint her with the commercialization of the day. Jarvis is not fond of flowers or greeting cards, she even described them as a poor excuse for the letter we are too lazy to write.

No, your mom does not need another perfume, piece of jewelry, scarf, flowers or a greeting card. It is bad enough that in this fast-paced life, so often we forget to call the women that devoted our life to us. She does not need another boring present. Your mom needs a thoughtful gift which will give her just the right amount of tender, love and care. So, what should you buy for your mom? There are no rules when it comes to expressing emotions, but suggestions are always useful.

Now, hygge might be a Danish word, but Australia owns the embodiment of the word. UGG. It is quite hard to translate hygge, but it is often described as cosiness – a concept to make homes nicer and people happier. Can you imagine a better feeling than the one you have when you put your UGG slippers after a long day? Not only do UGG slippers provide the fluffiest feeling in the world, but the ones made from long-lasting and high quality sheepskin will give your mom numerous health benefits too. Perfect for winter and summer because wool acts accordingly to your body temperature. Breathable because it absorbs large quantities of moisture vapour that evaporates into air. Hypo-allergenic, comfortable and a gift that can last forever. What more could you possibly ask for in one gift? If you are born and raised in Australia, it can’t get more traditional than that and if you are not, wearing UGG slippers will definitely make an Australian. At least while you are wearing them.

Spending Mother’s Day in a warm atmosphere celebrating the good things in life with the people you love, there is no better gift for your mother than that. Although UGG slippers come right after that one on the “perfect gifts” list. Even though you can’t buy mother’s love, this gift will certainly put you in a favorable position. Oh, and don’t forget to buy the same gift for Father’s Day too or that one pair of UGG slippers in the house might become the main cause of family arguments.

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