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Why you should Always buy yourself a Chinese New Year Gift

Yes, we all love holidays. It is a magical time of the year when we are surrounded with lights and decorations which make us gasp and more importantly it is a time of the year when we enjoy festive traditions with the ones we love. But we rarely talk about the dark side of this special time of the year. Let’s admit it, holiday season is a challenging time. With just a few more weeks left until the New Year, we are running around feeling the pressure of choosing the right gift, trying to prepare the meals like a professional and on top of all that, we are seriously contemplating on the New Year’s Resolutions that will make our life better.

Well, here is a New Year’s Resolution you should stick to. Treat yourself! This is the season of giving to the people you love most and that includes you as well. You know what they say, you need to love yourself first before you can love others. You dedicate so much time and effort to choose thoughtful gifts and most of the time you don’t receive the same in return. This is the right time for indulgence. Self-gifting is already a big thing. Many would say that you should treat yourself with something small. But not us! 2016 was tough on everyone. We have been working hard all year long, we deserve to end this year with some pampering. We say “go big or go home“! We are talking about some serious self-indulgence. Of course, that does not mean you shouldn’t be smart about it.

You need a high quality gift which is also a little bit expensive and luxurious. Psychology says that the more money we spent on a gift, the longer it makes us happy. And we have just the right thing for you. Sheepskin! Admit it. You are already touching it in your head, feeling the softness and suddenly you feel so calm. Just like that. A proper amount of fluffiness will make you forget all about your troubles. We promise.

Authentic, long-lasting and comfortable. Suitable for winter and summer. Yes, summer. Sheepskin is a natural thermostatic material which means it helps regulate a steady body temperature. High quality Sheepskin, such as ours, breathes naturally, absorbs sweat immediately and allows air to circulate freely. One of the oldest and most natural materials used by mankind. Containing a high level of lanolin, it actually repels dirt and bacteria. Not only is it hypoallergenic and skin friendly, but it is medically proven to be beneficial for many conditions. Lanolin is also responsible for the fact that high quality and authentic Sheepskin is fairly flame resistant, and is also static resistant and water resistant. We offer a wide range of Sheepskin products, something for everyone’s taste. Don’t feel self-centered because of this shameless self-gifting. This is not an impulse purchase, this gift will give the best value for money. Nothing lasts forever, but our Sheepskin products sure do last long enough.

Holiday season is about reinventing ourselves, thinking about our health, well-being and happiness. Start you year off right!

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