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Universal Wheelchair Cover

Being confined to a wheelchair isn’t fun.  Whether an individual is using a wheelchair as broken bones heal or because they are no longer fully mobile, being in a wheelchair is both frustrating and uncomfortable.

While we can’t solve the frustration aspect, we can do a great deal to improve the comfort.

Our Australian Premium 100% A-Grade Medical Merino Sheepskin Wheelchair covers are made from exactly the same extraordinarily high grade wool as all our other Medical Sheepskins and carefully selected to insure a high wool fibre count.  It is this dense and high fibre count that causes the wool pile to stand upright when shorn to a uniform length. The combination of these attributes is what makes Medical Sheepskin so supportive, cushioning, and non-abrasive for any part of the body resting on the Sheepskin.

Medical Sheepskins has been proven to improve the comfort and quality of life for people confined to a wheelchair or bed for prolonged periods. The wool's natural ability to cushion while absorbing moisture keeps the body dry and helps reduce the occurrence and severity of pressure sores, bedsores and decubitus ulcers.

These ulcerations can develop in 20 minutes … but often take up to six months to heal. Using our Medical Sheepskin Prevention Products protects loved ones from potential discomfort, adverse medical side issues, and promotes healing when it is possible


Not all Sheepskin products are created equal. At Sheepskin Leather Factory, we specialize in premium-grade Australian Sheepskins for our entire product range. 


Since we offer authentic Sheepskin products, our rugs and underlays will vary slightly in size dimensions.


100% Australian Medical Sheepskin

100% Natural

High Density (number of fibres per square inch)

Soft, springy resilient wool fibres

Pile Height: 27-30mm Thick Wool

Cleaning Agents


We recommend the use of non-ionic mild liquid detergents only.


Do not use non alkaline products.


Do not use products containing biological enzymes or bleach.




Complete Immersion by Hand


Complete immersion clean using warm water/max 38oC/100oF temperature.


Use recommended cleaning agent – refer to Cleaning Agent section.






Sheepskin when washed should be dried slowly


Keep out of direct sunlight. Place washed Sheepskin out of the sun but in a area where there is natural airflow. 


Sheepskin may take 2-3 days to dry. 


Never place a washed Sheepskin product in a dryer or in direct sunlight as this will damage the leather pelt and produce a hard back instead of a naturally soft leather backing.




Dry cleaning


This product can be dry cleaned.


We recommend using a professional dry cleaning service.




General Care


Products benefit from regular vacuuming on medium suction using standard nozzle attachment only.


Do not use rotating vacuum head attachment.


Machine Washing


Machine wash using warm water/38°C/100°F temperature.


Use recommended cleaning agent – refer to cleaning agent section.




Spot Clean by Hand


Spot clean using soft cloth.


Use warm water/max 38°C/100°F temperature.


Use recommended cleaning agent – refer cleaning agent section.


Clean affected area using soft cloth in circular motion, starting on outside of area and working into centre.


Using dry cloth to apply pressure and remove excess moisture.






Should your products be put into storage (loose or packaged) we recommend that they be kept in a cool, airy position.


Do not store in direct sunlight.


Do not store in plastic packaging for any extended period as condensation and creasing may occur.


Fold/crease marks caused by storage or packaging will diminish over a period of time.


Competition & Consumer Act 2010


Sheepskin Leather Factory Australia (SLF)meets all the requirements of the Australian Competition & Consumer Act 2010, amended Act No 38, 2015 and is committed to protecting consumers from products that pose a fire, electrical, chemical or mechanical hazard or can injure children. SLF is also committed to offering consumers true value products of the highest quality at the best possible price.


Sheepskin Leather Factory Australia (SLF) uses the “WoolMark” logo which details SI Specification in regards to colour and light fastness, washability and other required performances standards. The logo is the best known textile fibre brand in the world which provides consumers with an independent guarantee of fibre and assurance of quality.

Loyalty Points

Customer Loyalty Points are our way of thanking you for supporting and shopping with our family business.For every one dollar spent, we issue you one Loyalty Point of equal dollar value.

Your Loyalty Points are good toward the cost of a monthly secret special, limited edition Sheepskin or Lambskin product of our choosing.

Every month you’ll receive an email with the secret special, limited editionitem and your number of accrued Customer Loyalty Points.