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Your baby deserves the best of care in every way possible.  That’s why we make infant and baby specific products from the finest natural Lambskin and Sheepskin available.  All our products are 100% A-Grade Australian Lambskinand Sheepskinthat meet and exceed stringent government standards.

Keeping your little one comfortable is every parent’s first concern. Lambskin wool is incredibly soft and comforting to the skin – a prerequisite when it comes to baby’s tender skin. It is also nature’s natural fibre, offering warmth in the chilly months and cooling properties during summer. 

According to CSIRO, a major Australian Research Institute,“the unique properties of wool, with its high density of soft but springy and resilient fibres, provides a cushion to distribute and relieve pressure at vulnerable pressure points on the body. The wool fibres have a low friction coefficient – they provide a soft and smooth surface to reduce strain on the skin and shear forces on the underlying tissue.

“The wool fibres can absorb up to 34% of their dry weight in moisture without feeling damp. They rapidly dissipate this moisture away from the source – this alleviates discomfort from perspiration and also reduces moisture build up at the pressure points.”

Unlike with manmade fibres which are chemically treated, Lambskin and Sheepskin are naturally flame retardant up to an astronomical 600º C! Something every parent will appreciate.  After all, we have enough other things to worry and fret about.

As parents we strive to do everything possible to care for our children in the most natural manner. Our line of infant and baby products are designed to meet these parameters.  After all, we’re parents and doting grandparents also.

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