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Are you caring for a bed-ridden or elderly loved one?  Do you or a family member suffer from an aching back, sensitive skin, fibromyalgia, or insomnia?  Home use of our premium Medical A-Grade Merino Sheepskin might be the answer.

It has long been known that preventative medical steps and practices are more patient and health centric than treating a resulting injury or illness because preventative actions were not taken.  It goes without saying, prevention is also far more cost efficient. 

The use of ultra-premium Australian medical grade Merino Sheepskin is one such example. The long established practice of preventing pressure ulceration (more commonly known as bed sores) by the use of Australian medical grade Merino Sheepskin on top of bed linen, thus allowing the bed-ridden person to rest directly on the sheepskin, is a technique dating back a century.

Popular medicine relegated these supposed ‘old wives tales’ to the back burner in medical facilities as synthetic materials flooded the market.  And incidents of mild to severe pressure ulcerations skyrocketed. 

An extensive collaborative study, begun circa 2008 and on-going, between the Australian Medical Association (AMA) and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) has irrevocably proven that the use of Australian Medical Grade MerinoSheepskins cut the incidence of pressure ulcers by close to 60%.

Medi-Sheepskins have proven to be a great benefit to those suffering from bedsores, ulcers and poor circulation." 

The full report goes on to state “The unique properties of Sheepskin cannot be replicated by manufacturing technology. It is not possible to individually implant into backing material, between 4,000 and 6,000 fibres per square centimetre as can be found in sheepskin. It is the unique properties of each individual and independently aligned wool fibre that separate the genuine sheepskin from the many manufactured imitations.”

Sheepskin, like Lambskin, is a natural temperature control, wicking up moisture and eliminating odours in the process.  Sheepskin has more buoyancy than Lambskin and, as such, offers a higher density of soft but springy and resilient fibres. This, in turn, provides a superior cushion to distribute and relieve pressure at vulnerable pressure points on a patient’s body. The wool fibres have a low friction coefficient; as such they provide a soft and smooth surface to reduce strain on the patient’s skin and shear forces on the underlying tissue.

If this all sounds too scientific to fully understand, the best way to grasp the concept is to actually lie on a Medical A-Grade Merino Sheepskin and feel the difference.

All our Medical Sheepskin products are hand-crafted from only the finest of Merino wool that meets or exceeds stringent Federal Guidelines established in conjunction with CSIRO and the AMA. All have a naturally and non-toxic tanned leather backside for added longevity.

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