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Home – your own little spot of heaven. Home - where you relax and be yourself, far away from the daily stress of work and school.  Home – where your personality shine. 

Helping you to make home comfortable and welcoming is what we do.  From beds to floors, our Sheepskin and Lambskin bed underlays, pillows and rugs add comfort, warmth, and a ‘curl-up and enjoy’ ambience to every room.

Depending on the product use, you will notice some items are Lambskin wool and some are Sheepskin wool. The difference is in the ‘bounce’ of the final product.  The mature sheep wool product used for underlays has more bounce to it for increased sleeping comfort.

All our products the finest Australian natural Sheepskin or Lambskin backed with natural Lambskin for ultimate comfort and ease of care. The backsides of all products is natural raw tanned lamb or Sheepskin. The tanning process is 100% safe and permanent.

An added bonus is the fact that, unlike manmade fibres which are chemically treated, Lambskin and Sheepskin are naturally flame retardant up to an astronomical 600º C!

If you have questions we haven’t covered about any product, please contact us.

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