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Children’s Uggs

Our UGG Children’s shoes make everyone happy. Kids love the fashion, the ‘in’ look and bouncy comfort. Parents love the sturdiness and foot care our original hand-made 100% A-Grade Lambskin leather UGG boots and slippers deliver. Naturally insulating, these boots allow air to circulate, keeping your children’s feet at body temperature as they wick up and release moisture to eliminate odour.

Our kid sized UGG boots have all the benefits and features of the grownup version … but are designed for smaller feet that know how to put shoes to the ultimate test. Active, non-stop play. Soles are sturdy, non-skid, light weight soles for grip, traction, comfort, and safety.

Designed for indoor or outdoor wear, with plenty of styles and colours to satisfy the most fashion-conscious youngster, you’ll be hard pressed to convince your sons and daughters to take them off.

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