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Refunds & Exchange

100% Happy Customer Policy

We are committed to providing the best quality boots and other sheepskin products to our customers. If you are in anyway unhappy with your boots and other products upon receiving them please contact us to arrange a refund or exchange. A refund and exchange will be provided after a return/exchange request form has been completed within 10 days of receiving the boots and accepted by a member of our customer service team. We are happy to discuss any of our terms and conditions before your purchase. 

By ordering from our site you are agreeing to our refund and exchange policy.

If your UGG boots are not the correct fit, we are happy to exchange for the correct size. Please complete the below exchange/returns form and request the size and style you wish to exchange for. Please keep in mind that UGG boots will adjust to meet the unique shape of your feet so if your boots are only snug (and not hurting) they will loosen up with wear, and are likely the correct size. Kindly refer to Important Note 1 in our Warranty section for information regarding returns or exchange after wearing your boots.

How much will I be refunded?

Providing you have met the terms described above and completed an exchange/return form we will provide a full refund for the cost of the boot and other Sheepskin products.